Friday, February 27, 2009

Words of Encouragement!!!

Thank you El Da'Sheon! Now if I could just get a little better w/ NBA players! Hey, I swear I'm much better on the football front :)
I think we are having a good year too and I also get a lot of compliments and just one this past Wednesday from Jen Woz on how quiet and controlled the program is and how much it is growing. Susan Nice has also commented to me what a great job you are doing and I wanted to pass that along to you. I can also comment on this since I've been involved for awhile and it is increasingly getting better and better- a lot to your commitment and your involvement.

I hope you know you are doing a GREAT job and I compliment you. These kids are very lucky to have you as their leader who will go the extra mile to help them have a great program. Thank you for making our jobs easier and always being accessible for any questions, concerns, comments we may have.
Have a nice weekend EL.

For anybody who has worked in non-profit or the social service field knows and understands that this is the type of 'payment' that means the most. When you hear that people enjoy the work that you do and you know that you are making a difference. This is what it is all about. Sacrificing your life in a way that it benefits others.
Thank you Tami, Jen, and Susan for all of the kind words. Know that without you and all of the things that you do...there is no me!

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