Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who is in your Network?

How many think about how your volunteer involvement in Cabrini Connections has expanded your informal network? How many of the companies that you've worked for value this as an important asset? Here's an article titled Managing the 21st Century Organization, that illustrates the value of informal networks.

If this is good for volunteers, then it's a benefit for our teens, too. If we are helping them expand their own networks, because of the people they meet through Cabrini Connections, that's a good thing.

Now, how many of you are willing to use this network chart to identify people in your own network who night become a donor, business sponsor, or benefactor, to help us operate Cabrini Connections, if you just introduced us to them?

Last Friday at the conference, I hosted a workshop with a volunteer from Dominican University, who is helping me map our networks. You can read about that here.

Her father attended the workshop with her. He wanted to see what we were doing, because she had told him about the work. He's from Nevada. But because he was introduced to us by his daughter, and he's interested, he may become a donor. He may also introduce us to people in his network.

That's how networks can be used to benefit Cabrini Connections, our volunteers, and our youth.

We need more sponsors for the dinner, the golf benefit, the conferences, and the general operations of Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection.

Please use this network diagram to identify one or two people in each category who might help us if you just told them of your involvement.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Schedule

We are just weeks away from our “Cabrini Connections’ Summer.” We are looking to continue our clubs through the summer at the same days and times, and we encourage all students and volunteers to consider joining a club and having a little fun this summer!!!

Read these blog articles to see what type of activities were held in past summers. This gives you and ideas of what you can expect this year.

“Open House” night will be every Wednesday from 6-8pm for any mentor/mentee pair who would like to meet in the center.

The Annual Edgewood College “Experience” will take place July 12th-14th this year. We encourage all interested students to sign up before the end of the school year. More details will be announced during the tutoring sessions. View video from Edgewood Experience.

We will also be looking to meet with all returning volunteers, students, and parents/guardians throughout the summer to better review the 2009-2010 year and to prepare for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year. Please contact EL Da’ Sheon or Bradley if you have any questions.

Finally we will be looking to raise money, hopefully lots of money, so we have what we need to open the program in the fall. Recruiting sponsors for the Year End Dinner, or the July Golf Benefit are two ways to ask your company, your friends, and your network to support Cabrini Connections.

Another way to secure the future for Cabrini Connections is to encourage people to add us to their estate plans. Here is information about bequests.

We thank everyone for being part of Cabrini Connections this past year and hope you will all stay connected through the summer and into future years.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cabrini Connections' Gets a Special Guest Visitor!!!

In a program where we look to connect students to resources, one of the biggest resources that's out there is...people! Our students have an opportunity to interact and engage with volunteers who came from a variety of different professions and careers that our students can begin to aspire to be in. And over the past couple of years we have been able to get some professional athletes/celebrities to visit the Cabrini Connections program to share their time, knowledge, and some words of wisdom to those in the program.

This past week, Chicago's own hip hop artist, Rhymefest paid a visit to Cabrini Connections. He not only shared insight on his career and his life, but he provided opportunities for the students and volunteers to express themselves through their talents and words.

Read the full story along with video footage here!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can you help?

This week we're sending out about 1500 letters asking friends, family, foundations and others to make donations to the Annual Fund, which is essential for keeping Cabrini Connections in business from year to year.

This also includes an invitation to the year end dinner on June 10.

We've had great fund raising support so far this year from students and volunteers and I hope that during the tutoring sessions this week, everyone will pick up 5 or more brochures and send them to people they know who might provide a donation, or become a benefactor.

We are a non profit, so we're always going to be looking for money, and we will only succeed if our students, alumni and volunteers are telling their own stories about how their lives have been enriched by being part of Cabrini Connections.

Please follow our fund raising activities on this fund raising blog, and on this page on the Cabrini Connections web site.

What about bequests? Yes. Cabrini Connections can be the place where people leave a bequest, and create a legacy. Read more about bequests. Use this page to add Cabrini Connections to an estate plan.