Thursday, February 26, 2009

The NFL and Cabrini Connections' Season are Year-round!

When people think of an NFL season, some may think that the season is from the Pre-Season games to the end of the Super Bowl festivities, but all true fans of the game know and understand that the real 'season' for an NFL organization last throughout the year with very few breaks in between.

Many people just see the games on tv, catch a summer workout or two, or watch all of the NFL commentators give all of the ins and outs of every organization, but what takes place behind the scenes throughout the year make all of those opportunities possible. The planning, preparation, hard work, numerous meetings and film session, and coaching clinics all take place when the cameras are not present in an effort to reach that ultimate goal of a Super Bowl win for the organization.

And here at Cabrini Connections we follow a very similar path. Our Super Bowl can be considered our Year End Dinner in June where our students, parents, volunteers, guests, donors, alums, and hopefully our incoming recruits all get together to not only celebrate a successful year in the program, but also to honor many of the people who made those successes throughout the year a reality.

That moment does not just on the day of, just like the Pittsburgh Steelers didn't show up at the Superbowl and just pick up their ring. In our program, it takes weekly commitment to the program, hard work while being present, taking advantage of the resources that are provided, researching the websites ( and, and remaining focus on those goals of graduating from high school, going on to college, and being in a career by the age of 25.

NFL teams and organizations understand the fact that to earn that Superbowl ring, you have to do just that...EARN. Nobody is just going to hand any team that ring. And here at Cabrini Connections we understand that nobody is just going to hand our players (students) a career, so they are going to have to continue to put in the work so they EARN their rings as well! But instead of that Superbowl ring, our players can and will be earning their high school and college class rings!!!

The coaches of the organization have to truly understand and believe in this concept in order for the players to buy into this idea. And one of the many ways that the coaches (staff and volunteers) can assist is this process is by joining in the planning throughout the year. Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection will be hosting our annual golf benefit on July 16th( This benefit is one of they many ways in which we assist our players with earning their rings. Funds that are brought in from this event and many others throughout the year, make the possibility of the players getting to the Superbowl a reality.

Please make effort join in some of the 'behind the scenes' processes that take place throughout the Cabrini Connections' season, so where the cameras are back on, the tutor/mentor connection commentators are giving the ins and outs on the various programs, and the games are ready to be played...our players, our team, our Cabrini Connections' program is well prepared to remain a contender for the title!

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