Monday, February 16, 2009

The GM, Head Coach, and players make the news!

Anybody who knows and understands sports, knows that the media plays a HUGE role in keeping the public informed about whats is going on in the sports' world. There are radio shows, tv shows (Sportscenter), newspapers etc...that keeps everyone up to date on the latest and greatest sports related news. Media is the main reason why sports' figures become 'household names.'

The Cabrini Connections' program and the members that make up the program are working towards being a 'household' name as well. We would love for everybody to see the hard work, dedication, committment of the players and coaches that are a part of the program that leads to success. And with the help of the media, just like in the NFL, we will hopefully work towards that goal.

We got one step closer last week. Just like after a big game, or any game, in the NFL the media swarms the players and coaches on the field, in the locker rooms, and fill the press conferences. Last Thursday Cabrini Connections was fortunate to have the media present and several members of the team were interviewed.

Please take the time out to read the article that was published as a result of the interviews.

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