Monday, February 02, 2009

Arthur Stephens Jr. Memorial

Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection lost a friend and leader when Arthur Stephens, Jr. passed away on Jan. 25, 2009 at the age of 86. Arthur was one of seven volunteers who helped create this organization in November of 1992. He served on the Board of Directors and on the Advisory Council from 1993 until leaving this life to serve on a higher level.

View photos and read quotes from the memorial service held last Saturday. If any of those who knew Arthur would like to add their own testimonials please post them as comments here, or in a section I've set up on our Facebook page.

Arthur was a friend, a leader, and an encourager. Without his help we might never have been able to start this organization. Many have benefited because of the role he played.

Thank you Arthur. We'll miss you.


corliss1 said...

I will always cherish you as a friend and mentor.


Kenneth Bennett

corliss1 said...

Soul Mates

We’ve spent so many years together
Our love growing over time
I missed you so very, very much
My sweet love of mine

Never did I want to be happy
Without you to share my smile
I wouldn’t want to live without you even for a while

I rather join your hand in haven
And kiss you once again
For you are not just my wife
You are my best friend

Kenneth Bennett
In honor of a father-figure, mentor, and friend
-May you and your wife have happiness forever-

Anonymous said...

I did not know the man, but it sounds like he was a true leader and visionary!

Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Arthur was a kind & gentle man.
His wisdom was valued as we tried to find our way as an organization.
I believe he walked with the Lord.

Ray Dowdle
Chairman of the Board
Cabrini Connections
Tutor/Mentor Connection