Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It Takes a 'Team'...

A person does not have to be a part of a NFL football team to know and understand that it takes a team effort to be successful when working in a group setting. Whether its working with coworkers, being a part of a sport's team, teaming up with peers on a class project, or even being a part of a family unit; group dynamics are key to the overall success of the unit.

This week's Sport's Concepts' article will discuss some of the key members of what can and should be larger team. At Cabrini Connections one of our main goals is for our students to graduate from high school and to be in a career by the age of 25. Accomplishing this goal is how we get our championship rings(SEE previous article). For our organization to reach this goal it is going to take more than just the GM (Dan Bassill), the Head Coach (EL Da' Sheon Nix), and all of the Assistant Coaches (staff members and volunteer), and even the players (students).

On every NFL team there is a Head Coach, but there are position coaches who work specifically with the players of those positions. Whether is a Tight End coach, Quarterback coach, or Defensive Back coach, and although these coaches work individually with their players, collectively they work together for the overall success of the team.

I encourage all readers to take a look at this link ( and share with any and all people in your network. While looking at the animation on this link, think of the information in football terminology. Instead of "It Takes a Village" think "It Takes a Team," instead of Pipeline to a Career, think road to a Superbowl MVP, and on the second page of the graphic think of each individual bubble that links to the core as specialized position coaches on the team. And each specialized position coach is in charge of the players of that position.

It does not take a football guru or a sports analyst to know and understand that it takes a team effort for our youth today to be successful in life, hopefully this article and the animation will not only make things a little clearer, but encourage you and anybody you know to take a position on this team.

~What position will YOU specialize in?!?!~

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