Monday, July 31, 2006

Today in Tech Club

Today in tech club we learned how to make a video, upload it to youtube, and publish it on our blog. If anybody has any interesting videos to publish on our blog please email

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Egdewood Experience

Kevin Here.
I am here at Cabrini Connections. I participated in the edgewood experience. I thought it to be fun, fascinating, and more fun. By the end of the day i was pooped out. I have joined the Edgewood college staff, students and friends for the last two years. I met many new people and have enjoyed so many fun encounters. Though the heat was scorching many people showed up for fun, fun, and new culture. I enjoy communicating with people. i.e. I talk alot!! This time people actually listened to me and enjoyed what I was saying. We all went on a scavenger hunt in the downtown chicago area. We hunted for Hotels such as the Embassey Suites and The Marriott. We Hunted for bussiness in the "Water Tower Place." We joked, and laughed, listened, and were just plain old friends. The best part of the whole deal was while searching for air conditioning and landmarks, we didn't even notice that three and a half hours flew by like five minutes. We managed to find everthing and get our answers down. We played jeopardy, every time anyone got an answer right, a prize was given. No one felt left out. We played a name game, which to be honest, confused the hell out me. "Wait which one is Keila?" In my opinion, the best part was that the whole thing was that it was done voluntary and we had a great time. I also enjoyed our game of sharades based on "showing whom we are." What a rare subject, as most adults dont even know who they are, and even if we do truly know, we are afraid to show. Well I got alot out of the day and it still isn't over. To make a great day, dont wait for anyone, do it your self.

Edgewood College visits Cabrini Connections students

27 Edgewood College graduate students are visiting Cabrini Connections this week for a three-day program. Led by Dr. Tom Holub, these students are preparing to be middle and high school teachers and this experience is designed to give them experience working with inner-city kids. The 16 Cabrini Connections students involved will gain valuable tools and strategies for futures planning by participating in the program. In addition, each student attending all three days will recieve a pair of shoes courtesy of Famous Footwear.

Highlights of the three-day program include trips to Millenium Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art and City Walks (scavenger hunts.)