Friday, February 13, 2009

LaJuan Garcia: Reflections of a Volunteer (entry 1)

LaJuan Garcia is very new to the Cabrini Connections' program and in her volunteer role she will be assisting the students, volunteers, staff, and the overall program with working towards the mission and the goals of the organization. LaJuan will be sharing her experiences with this reflection series. Through these entries, you will all get a better understanding of the value of a tutoring/mentoring program such as Cabrini Connections...through the eyes of a new volunteer.
Wednesday February 11, 2009 (Wednesday tutoring/mentoring session)
"There are kids with bright futures. I have seen this personally at Cabrini Connections Tutor and Mentor Program. It’s amazing how many kids in this program are dedicated to and enthusiastic about their education. I was really inspired. The kids spend about an hour and a half doing their homework alongside and with the help of their tutors and mentors. I had the privilege of working with a young lady by the name of Jessica who showed motivation and was dedicated to doing her homework. Although having friends in the program Jessica remained focused on her studies and even when it was time to go she made sure to finish the work she started. It is extremely gratifying to me to know that I was able to help Jessica but even more meaningful that she accepted my help. I hope I made an impact on Jessica enough for her to return to the program because I definitely saw the potential in her."

~Lajuan Garcia~

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