Friday, February 13, 2009

A Cabrini Connections' Poem...

Give it up for Cabrini! By: Stephanie Rogers 2-12-09

I found myself walking down the street smiling because I was on my way to Cabrini.

I get to do what I enjoy most of all and that is helping others in any way possible.

I hear some of the things that the youth say and I laugh because I too once said the same thing.

There are some days where it can be crazy but it's alright because as a part of Cabrini we can always come to some type of conclusion.

Although I was put in a rough situation when my student decided to leave I kept my head high and faith strong that EL could have another volunteer position for me.

Now look, I am one of the coordinators for the College Zone for both Wednesday and Thursday nights.

I enjoy it because I get to see what every student is like.

I must give my thanks to EL, Chris, as well as Nicole for allowing me to stick around.

To the students and volunteers who have allowed me to work with them always know that I am here to help you out!

Take Care!~Stephanie Rogers~

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting my poem EL!