Friday, January 02, 2009

Be the CHANGE.

I hope that 2009 brings health, happiness and prosperity to everyone in the Cabrini Connections family. We thank everyone who has volunteered time and talent, and dollars, in the past year and look forward to working with your through 2009 and beyond.

Through Facebook and Linked in, as well as SVHATS, we are building an on-line network of Cabrini Connections students, volunteers and alumni. I hope that each of you will help us expand this, by inviting your own friends, and by helping us reconnect with former students and volunteers.

We're also building "outposts" in a variety of other forums, such as I hope you'll visit these places and help us build an identity, and that you'll also help us connect in other places that we don't yet know about, or that we don't have time to visit ourselves. I've created a list of social network sites where we are active and encourage you to add to this as you find and join other sites.

We have much to do in 2009 to help our current kids make the decisions that will lead them through school and to jobs and careers. We also have much to do to help our former students, and their own children, because many of them are still struggling to find security and a place for themselves and their families in this 21st Century Society.

Through these social network spaces we can find more help, more ideas, more friends and more resources. This expands our world, and expands the world for our kids and volunteers. We need the help of all of you, students, volunteers and alumni, to maximize our potential in this new world.

Thank you all for letting us be part of your lives.

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