Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today we witnessed history!!! Barack Obama became the first African American President in the country’s history. I don’t know about you but there was not just a since of pride for this moment, but a true feeling that our country has come so far. Just take a couple of minutes to reflect of all of the hardships that minorities faced on a daily basis because of the color of their skin, and how that color was punishable by death.

And on this day Barack Obama, if only in the minds of some, allows us to believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!! And because of this example tutor/mentor such as Cabrini Connections can continue to encourage students to not just dream BIG, but really just to dream. Many of the youth that we serve in our program, youth in programs throughout the city, and I’m 100% that this is true for youth in similar neighborhoods throughout the world…have lost the ability to dream because of the violence in their schools, communities, and even their homes. So how do you tell a 13 year old male that he can be anything he wants to be in life, if he can’t even envision a day where he is not harassed to join a gang while walking to, while being in, and on his way home from school?

But on this day, that ability to dream is revitalized and hopefully in the days to come Barack Obama and his Administration will provide truly dedicated and committed people of service with tools needed in order to foster these new found dreams of the youth. Hopefully more jobs will become available to so that not only do parents have proper means to support these youth in the homes, but jobs that the youth can get as youth to learn valuable skills needed to turn these jobs into future careers. Hopefully ALL schools will have the all of the proper and necessary teaching materials, GREAT and well prepared teachers and administrators, and all of the resources needed to provide these youth with the safe and proper education to become productive adults. Hopefully Cabrini Connections (www.cabriniconnections.net), Cabrini Green Tutoring, Chicago Lights, and tutoring/mentoring programs throughout the world will be able to have all of the resources and financial support to teach the life skills, assist with academic and career goals, and produce future leaders just like Barack Obama.

And you don’t have to be Barack Obama to assist with the dreams of youth. You can become a tutor/mentor at a program in your area, you can donate to a tutor/mentor program, or you can simply be a role model to any and all youth that you come in contact with!

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