Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Supporters of Cabrini Connections..."Be APART of Barack's Change!"

History will be made this month, on January 20th to be exact, with the eyes of the world focused on Washington DC as Barack Obama officially becomes the first minority President!!! This is a true historic event, so monumental that there will be millions of people not only trying to get the attention of the new administration, but millions of people are just want to be apart of it all. So how can the Cabrini Connections' family not only be apart of this event, but be apart of the CHANGE…It’s pretty simple!
Express your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and even your dreams of change in the form of blog articles! The Cabrini Connections’ Team is encouraging the entire Cabrini Connection network to take part in being APART of this change by constructing blog articles in all of the various communication and media avenues out there (newspapers, tv, radio, myspace, facebook, etc…). As apart of this change we want you all to think about how the Obama Administration can help you, your business, your organization, and your community etc…to help not just the Cabrini Connections' kids, but all kids. Because the kids are OUR future and with this ‘new’ idea of change, why not try make all take part in the change for all of OUR futures.
Our vision is that we get past, current, and future Cabrini Connections' staff, students, and volunteers joining this wave, collectively we raise enough attention and awareness during the inauguration celebration and all of the policy forums to what WE have to say about how our new public and private leaders help US do OUR work!!!
This is how this is going to work…during the week of the inauguration EVERYBODY should write your article and not only share your article with the public, but encourage people in your network to do the same! Or you can post your blog link (and article) on our Ning page (
Like the President/CEO of Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection (Mr. Dan Bassill) says, "I can't be in DC and don't want to be one of a hundred, or a thousand faces in a crowd in Chicago. Yet I want people to hear my message, reflect on it, and then act on it. You do too, don't you! So write a blog article that connects public policy, private sector involvement and the work you do to help kids in poverty have a ladder of support that makes it possible for more of them to be a leader in business, education and government in the future."
I am asking all of you to join the WAVE by writing your blogs and sharing them with the world!
CHANGE is in YOUR hands!!!

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