Monday, January 12, 2009

Just One Play out of the Playbook

Like any coach, player, or fan who truly loves the 'game,' we are always looking forward to the start of a new season, the next quarter, or second half etc...This week the Cabrini Connections' organization begins the 2nd quarter and we hope to continue to build and grow off of the momentum from a GREAT first quarter. In the first quarter we had numerous players step up add to their impressive stats (Youth Leadership Council was formed with 6 students, Volunteers took advantage of the FUNdraising for Quarters project, several students took advantage of the College visits, and numerous students and volunteers were honored in the Weekly Student and Volunteer in the Spotlight section). We also had several touchdowns scored in the first quarter. Eboni Rivera was not only being recruited by several Colleges and Universities for her ACADEMICS, LaFaye Garth won the Posse Scholarship Foundation award and will receive over $30, 000 over 4 years to attend Pomona College, and Mr. Allen Tyson ended in 1st place in the FUNdraising for Quarters project for the first quarter (with the efforts of all volunteers bringing in more than $4, 000 in the first quarter)

With stats like those in the first quarter what team wouldn't be looking forward to a great 2nd quarter. And this quarter we plan on building upon the foundation we set in the first quarter and continue to work on the play that appears above. We'll call the play "Helping Hand!" Through the information that we provide on our websites and we will provide the players with the resources to make this play a success and during our weekly tutoring/mentoring session we will continue to practice and perfect this play!

Due to the environment, the schools, the communities that the majority of our student-athletes are connected to, they face "difficult situations" on a daily basis, but through the participation with the Cabrini Connections' program and with the help of dedicated and committed coaches, our students will learn the necessary tools and skills needed to "avoid painful traps." And over time and with continued efforts with perfecting this "Helping Hand" play from the Head Coach and the Assistant Coaches our student-athletes will be not only shown the way to avoid those traps, they will hopefully in turn be able to COACH younger players on how to avoid similar traps.

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