Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cabrini Connections Volunteer Joins the Obama Wave...

First Year Cabrini Connections volunteer, Stephanie Rogers, took some time out to join the "Obama Wave" with two poems. Stephanie is also our Volunteer in the Spotlight this week.

Please take the time out to read the "Obama" poems from Ms. Stephanie Rogers!!!

Poems to Obama 1-25-2009 By: Stephanie Rogers


~we have waited for this day.
~Please help us get jobs back on track.
~Hopefully people will stop and think before they act.
~Let's allow the American people have their dreams.
~It's time that we are all on the same team.
~The house that all families think about.
~The insurance in case someone get's injured or ill.
~A car to drive so that people can get place to place.
~An education to achieve one's goals.
~One's hope to want to stay alive, so many have cut their lives.
~Hope that the crime rates go back down.
~To give everyone peace about these shootings in the streets.
~Let's bring the troops back home.
~And pray for those who are already gone.
~Let's get the economy back
~So we all can work and have something to be proud of!

-Congratulations Obama! You are now the 44th president.
-You've made it this far Please don't give up on America.
-Your a Leo, I know you can and will go far.
-You have a strong pride
-So keep your head up high.
- There will be a lot of stress but don't worry it is all a test.
-Remember that the American people are behind you 100%
-We will help you to get America back on our feet.
-But saying strong, and honest is the main key.
-Oh Obama how so many cried tears of joy.
-Something many of us haven't been able to do in a very long time.
- Make us proud and you will be elected again.
-Make us proud and we will shout your name proud.


Stephanie said...

Aww I have some good writing skills. Thanks for posting this EL

Anonymous said...

Nice poem. You shlould read it, record it and post it on The message will be deliver to Obama. It's a pretty cool site. Mat