Monday, December 29, 2008

Continued Coaching!

As part of the sport's analogy series I want to continue by giving background information about myself. I have been an athlete nearly my entire life. I have played on numerous basketball, football, and even baseball teams throughout my career. On those teams I found a way to become a leader as a captain of nearly every team that I have been apart of. The hard work that I put into athletics, and lets not forget academics, allowed me to earn and accept a full-scholarship to Northwestern University as a member of the football team. Due to a career ending injury I was unable to display my athletic ability on the football field at Northwestern, but I am able to continue to display my leadership ability in the field of Social Service!

The Cabrini Connections' staff would like to wish everybody a Happy New Years!!! (I know I know...I'm a little early)

While the Cabrini Connections' players are enjoying what we hope is a fun-filled break, the members of the organization's front office and the coaching staff have continued to prepare for a successful winter and spring quarter!!!

As the Head Coach, I took the time out today to analyze each and every player on the team (every mentor, mentee, and Volunteer Coordinator) so that each can be provided with the right coaching to have success as the program continues. So me and Assistant Coach, Chris Warren have been spending our day contacting each and every mentor, mentee, and Volunteer Coordinator in an effort to share these coaching tips. We have reminded the team of the start up dates for the 2nd quarter (Jan. 14-15th), reminded players of necessary paperwork that needs to be turned in, provided words of encouragement, pointed out areas of improvement, and maybe most importantly...just making sure all the players had a Merry Christmas and wishing them all a Happy New Years!!!
I truly believe if each and every member of the team makes a continued effort to work on individual techniques and skills, then those efforts can and will benefit the entire team as a whole and will move us closer to reaching our goal of each and every student entering a career by the age of 25. "Student continue with your preparation and focus. Volunteers continue with your commitment and dedication. Volunteer Coordinators continue with your leading by example, consistency, and your problem solving. Fans and other supporters continue with your financial contributions and other valuable resources that you provide. And the Head Coach and the entire coaching staff will continue providing all of the members of the team with the proper coaching so that each of the players on the team has the proper techniques and skills to be successful in and outside of Cabrini Connections...and in LIFE!!!

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