Monday, January 05, 2009

Getting 1 day Better!

As part of the sport's analogy series I want to continue by giving background information about myself. I have been an athlete nearly my entire life. I have played on numerous basketball, football, and even baseball teams throughout my career. On those teams I found a way to become a leader as a captain of nearly every team that I have been apart of. The hard work that I put into athletics, and lets not forget academics, allowed me to earn and accept a full-scholarship to Northwestern University as a member of the football team. Due to a career ending injury I was unable to display my athletic ability on the football field at Northwestern, but I am able to continue to display my leadership ability in the field of Social Service!
This week I want to briefly discuss how several of the Cabrini Connections' players are working to get 1 Day Better!!! The Cabrini Connections' program does not officially kick off the 2nd quarter until next week with all of the clubs (Art, Tech, and Writing) back in full gear and the Wednesday and Thursday tutoring/mentoring sessions back in action as well. And although the 2nd quarter does not start until next week, we have several determined players who are looking to enhance their skills in this 'field.'
We announced the official start up dates to all of the players on the team, and stated that if anybody wanted to come in to get started early on their road to success they could come into the center and begin that work. We've had several of our students and mentors respond by saying that they would not only like to take advantage of this opportunity, but they look forward to getting started early!
This type of dedication and commitment is what makes special players in any program and if this dedication, commitment, and attitude can spread throughout the entire team...then that is what makes a championship team and an overall successful program. And just like in football, games are not won on the day of the are won by the work that is put in in the weight room, during training camp, in film sessions, and during practices leading up to the game.

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