Monday, January 26, 2009

Real 'Athletes' Give Back

With the holiday and with history being made last week (Obama!!!) the weekly football analogy was held off, but we are back on track this week and this week's entry actually ties into all of the great activities that took place last week.

In almost every football organization on any level there are ways in which the members of the team 'give back' individually or as a team. Whether its on a small scale level such as the varsity team speaking at a local elementary about the importance of academics or on a large scale such as the Atlanta Falcons providing tickets to a game for an entire school. Our Cabrini Connections team found a way to 'give back' in a very unique way these past couple of weeks.

The Cabrini Connections' student-athletes have began taking advantage of an opportunity that has the potential provide resources to an abundant amount of people!!! The Cabrini Connections team began a WAVE of attention in relationship to the MLK holiday and Obama becoming the first African American President by putting together letters, poems, powerpoint, and audio/video projects that will hopefully draw attention to not just the Cabrini Connections' organization but to other tutor/mentor organizations, neighborhoods, schools, and other communities throughout the Chicagoland area. This WAVE, if you will, is the Cabrini Connections' team's way of 'giving back' by hopefully getting the attention of Obama and the new administration in order to connect resources to areas that can and should benefit greatly from having these resources.

Just like in NFL where teams try to locate the necessary resources that will increase their individual chances of winning the Super Bowl, there are numerous examples where teams complete tasks that benefit the league as a whole. And our Cabrini Connections' team have been doing just that. Instead of saying, "Mr. Obama, our team needs new equipment, a new facility, and the best coaches available," our Cabrini Connections' players have been working on acquiring those necessary resources that will benefit all of the teams in the league...the tutoring/mentoring league that is.

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