Friday, May 01, 2009

Head Coach Uses Technology for Fan Support

The National Football League is a multimillion dollar industry that continues to grow year after year. The players, team owners, and businesses that are affiliated with the NFL continue to make a huge profit of this game of football. So how does this 'simple game of football' create such a lucrative industry? This form of entertainment is loved and supported by millions and millions of people throughout the world, and because of this reason there is money to be made. Millions of kids grow up playing the sport of football and they dream about an opportunity to one day "make it to the NFL and give back to their community."

I too had that dream of taking my football career to the professional level, but do to a career ending injury I was forced to change "sports." I didn't become a professional football player in the NFL, but I am currently the Head Coach in another professional league; the league of tutoring/mentoring! And just like the National Football League, I am also searching for ways in which our organization can become a multimillion dollar organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Bears. We are working towards training our players to be some of the stars of the league, our coaches have continued to study the game, and we continue to try to reach out to others who have played in this type of league in an attempt to get more financial support for our organization.

Again, I've never played a game in the NFL, but I think it's safe to say that nearly EVERY player in the NFL has played in this league as well on their road to success. The league again, is tutoring and mentoring! Every NFL player has been surrounded and more than likely continue to be surrounded by a network of people who lead and guide them in the right directions, and that is exactly what we are currently trying to do with the youthful players in our league. We are trying to surround them with positive and role model type of mentors, staff, and other important figures so they too can work towards their goals of becoming professionals in their respective future careers.

As the Head Coach, I have been working to get our players and our organization the exposure and the financial support needed to run a successful organization with the use of technology! I simply went through my cell phone this week and sent messages out to a wide variety of people who understand the importance of this type of league. This wide variety of over 75 people who received the text included; Luis Castillo (San Diego Chargers), Orlando Pace (Chicago Bears) Dr. Richard Koonce and Stephanie McSwain (City Leaders of Sandusky, Ohio) Michael Strickland (Northwestern Alum) and over 60 more people. The people who were selected all vary in their financial status, but one of the common ties that linked each person together was the collective understanding of the value of a great education for our youth, and this is why I sent personal messages to these people. They all know and understand that I dedicate my life, as the Head Coach of Cabrini Connections, to benefit the lives of the players who enter this league.

And the responses that I received all varied, there were some people who without hesitation agreed to support, their were some who stated that due to the economy they could not personally support (but agreed to pass the word along), and there were some who stated that they would begin to visit the websites, read the newsletter, and even visit the program to learn more about our players, coaches, our organization, and this league that we are competing in.

Through the use of technology (text messaging), Cabrini Connections was able to obtain a little more fan support this week, which is greatly appreciated, but we are going to need even more fan support to become a multimillion dollar organization like one in the NFL! If you believe in the importance of education for the youth, and you are a fan of youth receiving the necessary academic, social, work, and life skills needed to become a successful adult, please make an effort to support Cabrini Connections' in this very special Fan's Lounge that we created for you!

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