Thursday, April 23, 2009

NFL Prospect Supports Cabrini Connections

With this being one of the biggest weeks in his life, draft week, Tyrell Sutton took time out of his busy schedule to offer some words of encouragement to the Cabrini Connections' program participants on Wednesday evening. Tyrell's first stop when he entered the Cabrini Connections' program was to the computer lab to formally introduce himself to one of his biggest fans, Marquita Fisher. Mentor Kiera Kelly and Mentee Marquita Fisher attended Northwestern University's Spring Football game last Spring and due to the large number of other attendees Marquita was unable to get Tyrell's autograph after trying to nearly 45mins. Mr. Sutton had a continuous line of fans waiting to take a picture and get his autograph. So within the first 2 minutes of Tyrell's visit to the program he provided Marquita with an autograph and posed for a picture with one of his biggest fans, after she had waited for a year!

Tyrell then took the time out to observe all that takes place in the program and introduce himself to several of the staff, volunteers, and students. But Tyrell, who knows the importance of education and focus, made an effort to not distract the mentors and mentees and they continued to work on important assignments for school and as the students worked towards obtaining summer jobs. Around 7:15pm we prepared for regularly scheduled announcements, and informed the entire group that we had a special guest speaker for the evening, Mr. Tyrell Sutton!
Following the regular announcements, Tyrell Sutton spent about 15-20 minutes addressing the group of interested students, volunteers, and staff. Tyrell, is Ohio's All-Time leading rusher, holds a numerous amount of Ohio and Northwestern University football records, who is patiently waiting to hear his name on NFL draft day Saturday, and who will become a Northwestern University alumni this June...talked about himself and football for only a short amount of time. Tyrell Sutton expressed to the students the importance of staying in school, getting an education, staying out of trouble, taking advantage of the Cabrini Connections' program and the resources in which we provide, and really making an effort to follow the lead of their mentors the majority of his speech.

Tyrell was asked who his mentor is, and without hesitation, Tyrell stated his older brother, mother, and grandmother as his mentors. Tyrell said, "Without them there would be no me!" Tyrell continued to answer questions and even stayed after the end of the session to sign autographs and speak to students and volunteers individually.

Cabrini Connections is truly grateful to have had the opportunity to have Mr. Tyrell Sutton visit our program and provide some words of advice to not just the students, but to all who attended the Cabrini Connections program last evening. With this being a week that can and will change his change his life forever, he took the time out to assist with changing the lives of Cabrini Connections participants through his words.

Thank you Tyrell and the entire Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection organization wishes you the best in your future endeavors!!!

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Stephanie said...

We need more people like Tyrell to visit Cabrini Connections.. Congratulations to Tyrell!!!