Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Relief from "Hurricane Cabrini" Needed Immediately!!!

In August of 2005 Hurricane Katrina's rage and destruction on the US's southern coast created millions of dollars of damage and claimed the lives of many. This Hurricane was considered one of the 5 deadliest hurricanes in the our country's history! There were thousands of people who were displaced, lives were lost, homes and businesses were completely wiped out, and survivors 'lived' in despair after this tragedy that completely altered their way of life.

After days of media coverage and a public outcry thousands of people of this great nation answered this call of duty! People from all over the nation and the world made an effort to make a trip to the southern part of the United States to lend a helping hand to any and all people who were effected by Hurricane Katrina. And besides the physical labor that was provided as support, there were millions and millions of dollars that went towards rebuilding the area and restoring the way of life in this part of America. People sent donations through the Red Cross, professional athletes and celebrities donated millions and held benefit events where proceeds went towards a great cause, and there were everyday people like YOU and I who tried to contribute any amount we could hopefully benefit the people and the area in some way.

I am proud to say that this a great example of how the people of the world ,and the United States in particular, rallied together in a time of need to help others who really and truly needed a helping hand! I personally want to thank you, and want to know if YOU will rally together once more to benefit the lives and the area that has been damaged by 'Hurricane Cabrini?'

Just like Hurricane Katrini, Hurricane Cabrini has been claiming the lives of women, children, and men for well over a decade and should be considered to be one the top 5 Hurricanes in this country's history! The death, destruction, property damage, and the despair in the lives of people who have been affected by this 'natural disaster' has been consistent and continuous for some time now, and immediate help and support is needed immediately!

Instead of levees breaking, high winds, and flooding; Hurricane Cabrini has been filled with poverty, violence, gang-activity, and drug selling/drug use. And as a result of these factors that make up this very powerful disaster known as Hurricane Cabrini, the effects have been documented and can be observed by people all over the world!!!

Instead of the Red Cross as the central location that is providing aid to the people devastated by this hurricane, Cabrini Connections has been working as a Red Cross type of hub that is and continues to try to provide services and relief to the youth and the families that make up this community. But we need YOUR help!!!

We need the people of America and the world to send resources items, financial donations, and other support that can and will help to restore not just the Cabrini Green community members, but to also bring back the hope and the dreams of a better life to the residents. So professional athletes/celebrities, business leaders and professionals, and everyday Americans like YOU...we really need a helping hand in this time of need!

If you would like to assist the people affected by "Hurricane Cabrini" please make an effort to become a tutor/mentor or make an effort to submit a donation.

~Thanks in Advance for YOUR Support~

Rest assure that there was not really a Hurricane Cabrini. But there should not have to be an obvious natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, or severe flooding for people to rally together to help others. The poverty and violence that has claimed the lives of many people in the Cabrini Green community over the years should be enough for ALL people to want to rally together and support!

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