Monday, April 27, 2009

Cabrini Connections' Receives Some Much Needed Enhancements

For anybody who has ever visited the Cabrini Connections' site would hopefully agree that we have a pretty nice space for the work that we do with our students and volunteers. But this past weekend we received a helping hand with some program enhancements from volunteers for the Unicare Community Service Day!
Nearly 40 volunteers from all ages decided to get out the bed on a cool wet Saturday morning, and decided to spend their morning at Cabrini Connections taking on various enhancement projects. After a vary nice presentation from the project leader, Frank, and a brief address by President/CEO Dan Bassill and myself...the team rolled up their sleaves and went to work!

The large group broke up into several small teams and worked on a variety of projects. One group began working on building some cubby holes and a coat rack, while another team began working on putting together a health care shelf with a variety of information on future healthcare professions for our students. While those teams were taking on those projects we had another group working on cleaning all of the work desks that are used during tutoring/mentoring sessions, and we had another group working on organizing and expanding our library.

There was one group that got off to a rough start (smile). This group of ladies were suppose to be creating a curtain divider that can and will be used to divide the space into two parts so that we can utilize our space even more on any given night, but nearly all of the tools that they were suppose to use to complete this project were not delivered. This setback didn't deter them one bit. One of the group members drove home to get her sewing kit, other members of the group improvised by using paperclips instead of the required metal clamps, and instead of a PVC rod that was suppose to be the structure to hold the curtain up...the group creatively used rope to create this divider. I was truly impressed with the quick thinking and the creativity in which this group used.

In less than 5 hours this dedicated group of volunteers made nearly 20 enhancements to the Cabrini Connections' space! And besides the physical work that these volunteers provided, we all laughed, enjoyed each other's company, exchanged contact information, and agreed to meet up again at the Annual Jimmie Biggs Memorial Cabrini Connections Golf Benefit on July 16th. This is a true example of how volunteers like this keep programs like Cabrini Connections up and running. Not only did they volunteer their time to improve the program, many agreed to further support the program by attending a future event and/or making a general donation to the program.

WellPoint amd Uni Care, the Cabrini Connection, Tutor/Mentor Connection staff, students, and volunteers truly appreciate all that you have done for our program and we hope you will remain connected to our program!

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