Monday, May 11, 2009

Rivalry Game: Cabrini Connections vs. Chicago Summer (Pt. 2)

As we continue to head into one of the biggest games of the season, the rivalry game where Cabrini Connections will face off vs. the Chicago Summer, we are trying to get more and more fans to rally behind us. The Chicago Summer's players have been getting attention already. Just last week their star player, murder, was in the spotlight again. I've just watched some game tape of the Chicago Summer where 15 year old, Alex Arellano, was beaten, shot, and set on fire near 54th place on the Chicago's South Side.

So what are we doing here to prepare for the one of the biggest games of our players' careers? The Coaches are assisting our players with finding positive outlets for the summer like jobs for our players, summer camps, and we are providing a variety of activities inside of the center. As of today, Art and Tech Club will continue throughout the summer, our Year End Dinner will take place on June 4th, the Edgewood Experience will be taking place July 6th-8th, and every Wednesday evening we will host 'Open House' nights from 6-8pm for any player and coach who would like to come into the center to get some extra practice. These are just a few of the many plays that we are looking to run, to defeat the negativity of the Chicago Summer.

As we continue to do our part we still need our fans and supporters to continue to rally behind us. When the Cowboys play the Redskins the fans make signs, tailgate, paint their face and body, and they come out to the games by the thousands to cheer on their favorite team to what they hope will be a victory. As the Head Coach of the Cabrini Connections' team, I am personally asking and requesting that each and every Cabrini Connections' fan find a way to support our team before, during, and after the rivalry game!

Instead of making signs and yelling until you lose your voice, I'm asking you to support the team by either coming out to watch us play at the Year End Dinner and/or the Jimmy Biggs Memorial Golf Benefit...and/or submit a financial contribution to our organization. I don't have to repeat how bad and well prepared the Chicago Summer is to try to defeat the Cabrini Connections' players, so we are going to need all of the support and resources possible to come out victorious!

Here are ways in which you can support Cabrini Connections before the rivalry game:
-Contribute to the Year End Dinner
-Submit a donation online

~Thanks In Advance for Your Support~

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