Thursday, April 09, 2009

2nd Quarter Perfect Attendance Recognition

The Cabrini Connections tutoring/mentoring quarters closely relate to the grading periods that our students follow in their schools. Our 2nd Quarter, which we consider our Winter quarter, began on Jan 14, 2009 and just ended on March 26, 2009. And for anybody who has lived in an area in the world where it gets as cold as a Chicago winter will truly understand and appreciate the news that I am about to announce.

Through the cold, windy, snowy, and sometimes...below minus 10 degrees and blizzard conditions we had several of our students and volunteers made an effort to beat the elements and attend every scheduled tutoring/mentoring session during the 2nd quarter!!!

The STUDENTS that earned Perfect Attendance Recognition:

Gregory Hatchett

The VOLUNTEERS that earned Perfect Attendance Recognition:

Jen Jozwik

Mike Jozwik

Sarah Randag

We truly want to thank each and every student and volunteer who had perfect attendance during the 2nd quarter, and to all of the other students and volunteers who made an effort to attend the program throughout the entire quarter. As staff we truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to not just the program, but to putting yourself in a position to be something GREAT in life!

~Keep up the great work during the 3rd Quarter as well!!!~

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