Monday, April 27, 2009

Here is for the summer 2009

The weather is beginning to get warmer and the school year is almost done which means more people out on the street, especially teens. Every year many of Chicago Public Students are killed by violence majority of it being gun violence.Instead of hitting the streets why not find something that you enjoy doing to keep yourself busy and to stay out of trouble?

There are many summer programs that you can attend during the summer.There are summer camps, volunteer at places such as Cabrini Connections. Try to find a summer job, there isn't anything wrong with making a few bucks these days! Go to the beach, join a sports team, do some exercise, keeping yourself healthy and in shape is always great.Find something that not only do you enjoy doing but something that will keep you busy, help you stay positive, and will keep you out of trouble. No one likes to stay indoors in the summer granted were locked inside during the winter because of the freezing temperatures. Enjoy the summer by doing something fun, positive, enjoyable to yourself but at the same time something that is peaceful so that you are remaining out of trouble.

Remember to look at the board as well as the table to find job opportunities.Visit to apply for summer jobs thought the city. I encourage all volunteers to keep students updated if you know of any job opportunities, even if it is for the summer. Enjoy your summer and be safe!!!!
~Stephanie Rogers~

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