Friday, April 17, 2009

Statistics Tell the Story...

First and foremost, I want to apologize to the faithful readers of these weekly sports' concept postings for the delay in this week's post. Instead of just writing about sports, I was actually back in Ohio last weekend playing in a charity basketball game at my local high school. And just like Cabrini Connections, the funds went to further the education of the youth. Now back to this week's sport's concept article...

Who says that stats aren't important in the NFL, or in any other sport for that matter?!?!? If stats were not important then people would not record stats such as rushing yards, yards after catch, interceptions in a season etc... True many current, past, and future NFL players play for the overall love for the game, but I think its safe to say that all players do care a LITTLE about either individual and/or team stats. And what makes these stats important in many people's eyes is that the statistics show visual proof that players, teams, and overall organizations are either doing very well or doing poorly.

Here at Cabrini Connections' our players, coaches, team, and overall organization play this sport for the overall love for the game as well. We love to see our players come in as rookies in the league, take advantage of every resource and every opportunity, put in the hard work, and become superstar veterans as they progress through this league. But I would not be an honest Head Coach if I said we don't look at the stats within our organization. And recently Assistant Coach, Vjekoslav Hlede, provided the media with a glimpse of some of the remarkable stats that the Cabrini Connection organization has posted in the last year (See Chart Above).

This chart tells the story that the Cabrini Connections' facilities are only getting more and more visits from fans, but the fans are staying a lot longer and looking at a lot more when they do come and visit! And we can proudly say that we are getting more fans supporting the players, coaches, and the overall Cabrini Connections' organization. THANK YOU!!!

And for those who had trouble understanding the lingo in this article....I will summarize briefly. The chart above was created by our eLearning and Technology Coordinator, Vjekoslave Hhlede and it shows that the Cabrini Connections website ( has been getting more visits, more page views, has less bounce rates, new visitors, and....those who do visit the website are staying a lot longer!!!
If it's true that statistics tell the story...then we can say that we are proud of our success. But this success would not be possible without the support of our fans and other supporters of the Cabrini Connections' program. So we thank YOU and encourage our fans to continue to support the players, coaches, and the overall organization by visiting Cabrini Connections' Fan's Lounge...and invite your friends!!!

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