Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rivalry Game: Cabrini Connections vs. Chicago Summer (pt.3)

For those who have read and have been keeping up with the Rivalry Game blog posts (Cabrini Connections vs. Chicago Summer) this is another installment/update for those posts. We have prepared our players all year for the biggest game of the season...the Chicago Summer...and I am proud to say that at the game's halftime we have a small lead!

We've had many first downs in the first half of the game and first downs include our players and their position coaches coming into the center and working together to prepare for next season, coaches such as Tami Wielgus and Alexandria Hill have stepped up and worked towards bringing money and other resources to the team, and there has been numerous players and coaches who have stopped by the center, emailed the head coach, or communicated in other ways great plays that will help us continue to win against any opponent we play.

The actual score at the half is, lets say, 17-10. We've had numerous big plays and a couple of touchdowns throughout the first half. Big plays such as many of the Cabrini Connections' players going out and earning jobs this summer and not being tackled by the Chicago Summer's defense which consist of curfew violations, petty crimes, gang affiliation, and other members of the team. Several of our players have continued in our summer programs, joined other programs, and joined performance groups to showcase their talents on stage. And we've had more and more coaches and donors step up and continue to assist with obtaining the resources we need to even have an organization in this league.

But the Chicago Summer has had a couple big plays of its own. A couple of our players have been tackled and held down without being able to find a job this summer, the Chicago Summer even allowed their 1st Round Draft pick start as a rookie, TOUGH ECONOMY, and this standout player has been causing havoc all over the field, almost matching every big play that we produce and scored a touchdown as some grant opportunities have gone away. The Chicago Summer has also scored a field goal off of an interception and return to the 10 yard line. One of our players has fallen to a little legal trouble.

"But as the Head Coach of the Cabrini Connections' organization I am content on how our players have gone out and competed in the first half. They have been running the plays that we've worked on all year, and are continuing to fight and compete. In all games there are ups and downs, but the team that continues to fight and execute will be the team who pulls the win out when September hits and the rivalry game vs the Chicago Summer is over!

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