Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Cabrini Connections is Scouting for New Talent

NFL teams are almost always scouting the college ranks throughout the year, looking for what could be the next big star and great addition to their organization. NFL scouts look for the most talented athletes out there to fill in or provide depth at various positions on NFL teams. With that being said, they could be looking for defensive backs with 4.3 40 times, 6'5'' quarterbacks who can throw the football 50+ yards on a line, or that 6'7'' offensive lineman who can pancake anybody on the opposing teams defensive!!!

The Cabrini Connections' organization is looking to recruit another member of our team as well, and we are looking for an offensive line type of player. A player who knows and understands that the entire offensive can not function successfully without their contribution in the trenches. The position that we are looking to fill is a Statistical Analyst position. This position description is different from a quarterback position that might state; leader of the team and one who runs the offense, the player who throws the the receivers, and hands the ball off to the players in the backfield. Instead of having a 6'7'' frame, bench pressing 500lbs, and squating in the mid 600lb area...this is the description of the position and the required skills needed for the player that we are trying to recruit to our team.

Person, Group, or Company who would be willing to analyze data collected from our students, parents, and volunteers. Then from the statistical information collected, be able to communicate the program’s impact to program managers for use in process improvement, as well as to potential donors and other supporters.

Currently we get information from:

-student report cards
-attendance/participation number
-information that is collected through our online communication (interaction documentation from mentors and mentees)
-volunteer fundraising efforts
-and a collection of quotes and positive comments from our mentors
- And others, and we are open to suggestions.

Required Skills: Interest in helping inner city youth escape poverty and move into positive career paths. Ability to analyze date and communicate findings in a clear and concise manner.

If you or anybody you know have the desire and the skill set to fill this very important position on the Cabrini Connections' team please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can get you in to tour the facilities and discuss the details of your contract.

Here you will find a complete list of other positions on the team that are available for the next up and coming STAR on the Cabrini Connections' team

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