Friday, July 24, 2009

Cabrini Connections Needs a Pep Rally...Will You Attend?

Why do sporting events such as the Rose Bowl, Rivalry Games, and the Super Bowl sell out year in and year out? I have not done enough research, but I'm sure in the last 10 to 20 years each of those events have sold out almost 100% of the time! So why do these die-hard fans do any and everything to fill the stands and be a part of these sell out crowds every year? Are they supporting the star players, are they alumni of the the colleges or universities, former players, do they like the razzle dazzle plays of the team, or is it just a family tradition??? I truly believe it is a combination of many of those items, along with just the overall love for the sport!

That was the opening paragraph from a previous blog article asking for the fans of Cabrini Connections to assist us with 'filling the stands' and support and cheer the players, the team, and the organization to success!!!

We are still in need of our long time fans to continue supporting our organization, but we are also looking for more and more people to become familiar with our organization and who will eventually become die-hard fans as well. As this leagues gets harder and harder to be successful in, our players, coaches, and the front office staff goes out and practices and performs even harder. Our thoughts are that if we continue to practice longer and harder, study the game and our opponent harder, watch more and more films...then we will put ourself in a position to remain a contender in the league.

BUT WE NEED MORE...We don't want to remain a contender, we want to continue to strive to be one of the top teams in the tutoring/mentoring league and for that to happen we need FAN SUPPORT. Next week NFL players will be reporting to training camp and there will be media taking pictures and asking questions, but there will also be those true fans of the those players, teams, and those organizations that will take time off of work, travel to the camp site, and will spend money on the teams paraphernalia...just to show their support, love, and dedication. And being a former football player myself, it makes those guys feel good to know that they have loyal fans who will do nearly anything to show that love, dedication, and support.

Almost like no other time in our organization's history do we need that type of fan support!!! WE NEED EVERY CABRINI CONNECTIONS, TUTOR/MENTOR CONNECTION FAN TO FIND A WAY TO SHOW THEIR LOVE, APPRECIATION, DEDICATION, AND SUPPORT TO THE ORGANIZATION....and assist us with finding more fans that will support us as well.

My goal with this post is that every reader of this article jumps on the bandwagon and becomes a fan of the Cabrini Connections program and gets others to do the same. We want you to assist us with filling the stands JUST LIKE the examples used above. We have all of the same features...standout players, notable alums, tradition, a great offense, a great facility, and the potential to win championships EVERY YEAR!

Become a Fan, Become a Donor, Become a Hero!!!

~Will YOU Become a fan and help us SELL OUT?~

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