Friday, March 06, 2009

Teamwork - Team Blogs

While El Da'Sheon writes most of the articles for the Cabrini Blog, he's not the only person telling the story of what happens at Cabrini Connections each week. 

Chris Warren, our public interest fellow from Northwestern interviews one student and one volunteer each week, and writes stories about them. He also writes about some of our extra activities, such as the college and career group. In addition, he writes about our larger strategies, such as trying to partner with health care organizations. 

Vjeko Hlede is our eLearning and Technology Coordinator. He is responsible for keeping all of the technology in operation, and for setting up new web platforms such as the Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Institute blogs. One strategy he's focusing on is the Cool Cash program, intended to encourage kids and volunteers to build habits of using the resources on the T/MC site. 

We all write articles for the CabriniFund Raising blog, and we hope you'll all visit there to learn how to help us raise money for this work. 

In addition, Dan Bassill, Nicole White and Mike Trakan are writing articles that focus on ways business and community leaders can support all tutor/mentor programs in the city on a more consistent basis. 

We hope you'll all get to know our team, and contribute your own ideas in forums like our Ning page, or in Facebook or on Linked in. It takes a village to help kids grow up and our team has many people taking important roles.

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