Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Only 2 weeks left to earn points for free bikes and scholarship money!!!

Only 2 weeks left to earn points for free bikes and scholarship money!!!

As we have been announcing at tutoring each week and on our blogs , all students who earn more than 400 points during this winter quarter will receive a FREE BIKE, courtesy of our partners The Recyclery and Working Bikes Cooperatives.

Students earn points through attendance, each time they log into SVHATS, completing reflection sheets and through handing in their report cards each quarter. However, to enable every single student who is interested to earn a free bike, we are permitting students to turn in ANY AND ALL GRADE CARDS THAT THEY HAVE from 7th grade to the present!

For each report card that students turn in, they will get 25 points plus: 25 points for each A, 15 points for each B and 5 points for each C. Therefore there is no reason why every student shouldn’t turn in all of their report cards, especially those from before they started coming to Cabrini Connections.

We will copy them and immediately return them to you. High school students are encouraged to bring transcripts and 8th graders are encouraged to bring their cumulative report cards if possible.

To give just one example: Cabrini Connections Senior Dominique Dobbs recently turned in 7 report cards, which earned her 635 points. This makes her eligible for a free bike and $63.50 in additional scholarship funds (aka FREE CASH MONEY) when she graduates this spring! So please, follow Dominique’s lead and bring in your grades before this quarter ends! You can also print them off from online from the CPS student portal at: https://student.cps.k12.il.us/pc/studentlogin.aspx

So, there’s no excuse, bring in your grade cards and get a free bike and money…it’s that simple! Volunteers and parents, please encourage students to take advantage of this unique opportunity before it’s too late!

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