Monday, March 23, 2009

Sportscenter's Top 10 Plays...Cabrini Connections' Style

If you are person who loves sports, then I'm sure it is safe to say that Sportscenter is one of your top 5 shows on television. True, there is sport's radio, the sport's section of the newspaper, Sports Illustrated, but ESPN's Sportscenter is where millions of people turn to to catch the latest in sports. And on Sportscenter the Top 10 plays of the week is what catches the eye and attention of many of the viewers of the show. Where else can you witness the most amazing dunks, deepest home runs, and those unbelievable catches from your favorite college and NFL receivers.

Following 'Top 10 Plays of the Week" segment, Cabrini Connections would like to go one step further and show our fans our "Top 10 Plays of the Quarter." Cabrini Connections program is broken into quarters very similar to the grading periods in which our students follow in their various schools, and we are in our last week of our 2nd Quarter (Winter Quarter). I would like to to take the time now to announce our "Top 10 Plays of the Quarter." And just like Sportscenter, I will provide you, the fans, visual of these fantastic, amazing, and jaw-dropping plays.

(10) Vjekoslav Hlede (eLearning and Technology Coordinator) launches the new and improved Cabrini Connections' website in the month of February.

(9) Cabrini Connections was featured in the Chi-Town Daily News on February 16, 2009.

(8) Several of our players were stars of the "Who Am I" Trivia game that took place during the month of February. This was a educational but fun way for our students and volunteers to learn more about some of the famous African Americans who make Black History Month truly historic. (Raheem Muhammed, Whitney Hemphill, Cazimir Ozuruigbo, and many more)

(7) The outstanding attendance of our mentors and mentees this quarter in comparison to the 2nd quarter of last year. At this time last year the attendance for students was 68% and for volunteers it was 52% and the current attendance for students is 79% and for volunteers it is 82.9 %. Check out the STATS section on the Cabrini Connections' website. With several of our students and volunteers who have made an effort to attend every tutoring/mentoring session of the quarter. (Mentors/Volunteers: Alexandria Hill, Mike and Jen Jozwik, Sein Lui, and Sarah Randag. Students: Gregory Hatchett, Angelene Hemphill, Whitney Hemphill, Ashaunti Roby, Breonca Hyles, Yolanda Hyles, Akeim Phipps, Cierria Tharpe).

(6) Sophomore student Whitney Hempill get 1st place in the Cabrini Connections' "I Have a Dream" project. This project encouraged students to put together and submit either a written piece or an audio/visual piece off how they felt Barack Obama and the new Administration could assist them with making their dreams come true.

(5) Cabrini Connections volunteers, students, and staff support our College and Career month by wearing college apparel during the month of March.

(4) Cabrini Connections' tutor/mentor Mary Catherine Nelson has been the leader of the FUNdraising for Quarters competition for the entire 2nd Quarter. This is a competition in which the Cabrini Connections' volunteers make an effort to spread the word about all of the their involvement in the program to their network, and in return their audience supports the program by making a donation OR find ways to get involved themselves.

(3) January is National Mentoring Month and our students put together videos to express their feelings of gratitude for their mentors being in their lives

(2) Cabrini Connections was featured on Oprah's Angel Network's website.

(1) The number one "Play" of the quarter has not actually taken place. Hopefully in the near and distant future the "Top Play of the Quarter" will be a Corporate Sponsor being willing to support our program by providing us with a donation. Because without more and more Corporate Sponsors and their donations....then not only can we maintain our great players and our overall team, without those donations it will be a struggle to have the overall Cabrini Connections' organization!
Hopefully our 3rd Quarter will be filled with even more "Top 10 Plays" and hopefully YOU will be one of the many people who will assist us with reaching that goal!


Tutor Mentor Connections said...

El Da'Sheon, here's an article about a basketball coach in NYC that illustrates the ideas of teamwork that you're writing about in your blog.

Stephanie said...

EL, Your writing is great. I think that this was a great blog to write due to the fact that you put some of Cabrini top 10 plays from our members of the program and many things that have been accomplished since then. Can't wait to see what will be the top 10 for next quarter. Nicely done!