Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oprah and her 'Angel' Supports Cabrini Connections

The Cabrini Connections' staff works tirelessly to try to provide any and all resources that our students and volunteers need in order to be successful inside and outside of the program. We believe that if we can provide these necessary resources to the students and volunteers over an extended length of time, then our students will graduate from high school and college, and be in a career by the age of 25!

Reaching these goals are nearly impossible without the support of people who can and will assist us with obtaining these resources through their financial support. Throughout the year we provide several major fundraising events. The Annual Art Festival, the Annual Jimmy Biggs Memorial Golf Benefit are two upcoming examples.

Last December Cabrini Connections' staff members Chris Warren and Mike Trakan organized a Benefit Concert where all of the proceeds went to the program. (Two of the bands that donated time were led by Mike and Chris. See Video ).

These are few of the many opportunities that take place where we have an opportunity to get large groups people together in a physical space to talk about Cabrini Connections and the importance of supporting tutoring and mentoring in general. These are also opportunities for people who are fans of Cabrini Connections and the advancement of youth to provide financial support to the program.

Oprah Winfrey and her staff at the Angel Network have not been able to physically attend one of these fundraising events, but the Cabrini Connections' story has reached their ears. That's why We're honored and thrilled to have Cabrini Connections profiled on Oprah's Angel Network's web site. And not only was Cabrini Connections profiled on Oprah's Angel Network our organization was blessed with a very generous grant!!

We are truly grateful for this gift, and we hope that others follow this act of kindness with support of the program as well. And I know...we all don't have the bank account of Oprah Winfrey, but this is an example that this level of support is out there and a donation of ANY amount greatly supports our overall program.

Sidenote: Cabrini Connections' Senior LaFaye Garth was interviewed and had a brief segment on Oprah's show about the Rihanna and Chris Brown story which aired last week.

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