Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recruiting STAR Players!

In the NFL, there are many star players who have exceptional talent that they contribute to the team that can contribute to the overall success of their selective teams. You have unbelievable players with unbelievable talent such as Peyton Manning, Randi Moss, Nick Roach, and Orlando Pace in the NFL. But many people don't dig deep enough to see exactly how these players got to the organizations that they work for.

Behind the scenes of every organization there are scouts and a team of people in the front office whose job it is to bring in those franchise type of players that can and will hopefully lead their team to the championship year in and year out...creating what many call a dynasty. To any organization these people are a crucial piece of the pie when it comes to creating a dynasty. They spend hours studying tape, taking numerous trips locating talent, networking and socializing with others in the business to find that 1 guy who could be the difference maker to their team.

At Cabrini Connections we are looking for those franchise type of players as well, but the specific positions that we are scouting and recruiting for is the Donor position. We have great coaches, a great front office, a pretty nice facility, and some outstanding players in other positions, but the donor position is what we are looking for and need in order to become a dynasty.

We need someone who can step up and not only make big plays on a consistant basis, but a player who can lead others in the position to play to the best of their ability. And we are also looking for the starters in the donor position to assist us with our recruiting of other donors for this position. Just like in the NFL, we are looking high and low, using technology, making phone calls, taking trips, networking with other scouts, and really using any and all of our resources to find some donors to lead our team not only to a winning season and a conference title, but donors who can and will put us and keep us on the top of this tutoring/mentoring league.

If you are person who can and will step up and take on this position we would love to get you a workout with our team, and hopefully get you a roster spot. Provide your combine times here. And if you don't feel that you have the necessary talent to fill the position but have the skills to be top notch scout for us who knows or can connect us to those type of players, that is just as helpful to our organization.

There are MANY MANY people out there that can become stars at this position on our team...we just have to find them and get them to sign with us!

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