Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"small details leads to BIG SUCCESS..."

For any football player, whether on the high school, collegiate, or NFL level knows that practices are more than just going over the offensive, defensive, and special team's plays. During those practices the word 'repetition' is thrown around week in and week out. Coaches sometimes make the players go over just one play 10 to 15 times, and its not because all coaches are mean, its more because great coaches know and understand that sometimes the smallest details in the execution of a play can lead to huge success during the game. This is why coaches push their players to the limit when they are fatigued in practice, during individual drills, team drills, and even during the film sessions and meetings, so they know how to execute and respond during the games. Mental errors such as false starts, holding calls, personal fouls, and even the inability to use proper technique can be the small details that could cost a team win in that big game.

And those small details on the football field can easily be transferred to the thinking in the Cabrini Connections' organization. We are in Week 7 of our 2009-2010 season and there have been small and big details that our players and coaches have been working on to ensure success on a weekly basis and for the overall year. Some of the small details that we continue to communicate to the players and coaches are cleaning up their workspace after use, no eating or drinking in the computer lab, and using headphones when listening to music on the computers. To some, these may seem like small and unimportant matters, but as the head coach I feel that these are very important factors to creating a top-notch organization.

At any point throughout the week, there could be fans, family members of both players and coaches, alumni, and donors who take out the time to visit our facility and it says a lot about our player, coaches, and the organization if the facilities are clean, organized, and in good condition. With us being a non-profit organization who definitely tries to preserve the resources we do have, eating and drinking in the computer lab could lead to a spill that could damage a computer or the spreading of germs during this cold and flu season. So by taking the necessary precautions of just not eating or drinking in the lab can and will prevent us taking a loss on a play. And using headphones is important cause it allows others to be able to share the space in the computer lab and not have to be distracted by others on the team. This simple step could prevent an disagreement, an augment, or even a player wanting to be traded to another organization.

These are just a few of the many small details that as a Head Coach we try to encourage repetition week in and week out so all players and coaches build these small details into their weekly habits on and off the field. And for any of these small details to becoming habit forming, the underlining factor is and will always be communication, communication, and communication!!!

So from the GM, front office, Head Coach....to the Assistant Coaches, players, and even fans and donors...communication on what needs to be done and repetition on how to do it can and will turn those small details into BIG SUCCESS for the individuals as well as the entire Cabrini Connections' organization.

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