Monday, December 22, 2008

The Head Coach is Always on the Job!

As part of the sport's analogy series I want to continue this week by continuing to give background information about myself and my start with this organization. I have been an athlete nearly my entire life. I have played on numerous basketball, football, and even baseball teams throughout my career. On those teams I found a way to become a leader as a captain of nearly every team that I have been apart of. The hard work that I put into athletics, and lets not forget academics, allowed me to earn and accept a full-scholarship to Northwestern University as a member of the football team. Due to a career ending injury I was unable to display my athletic ability on the football field at Northwestern, but I am able to continue to display my leadership ability in the field of Social Service!
First and foremost, the Cabrini Connections' organization would like to wish all readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!!!!

This week's post will show how even during the holiday festivities a Head Coach is always on the job. Last week the Cabrini Connections' team celebrated the Christmas Holidays by having a holiday party. Cabrini Connections' team member brought in treats for others to enjoy, some played various games, some enjoyed just hanging out and enjoying each other's company, while other members of the team went out for a holiday dinner off site. There was festive music, good food and treats, raffles with prizes, and a overall sense of enjoyment for what was taking place and a sense of accomplishment as we ended the 1st quarter on a very positive note. The coaching staff presented awards to various standouts on the team (Perfect Attendance Honorees and the FUNdraising For Quarters Winner). Last week's session was truly a positive and festive experience for all.

As the Head Coach of the team, I was enjoying the festivities, but I was also continuing to work towards the goals of the team's future in many ways. All throughout the events I continued to scout the team in an effort to see who was enjoying themselves, who was sitting alone, who was present and who was not present, and what all needed to take place at the moment to have even greater team success 2nd quarter and beyond. As a result of the observations, space was reserved for the players who needed to get homework done, team members made an effort to interact and engage those who were sitting alone, gratitude and rewards were provided for those present, and follow up on the reasons why others could not attend.

Although the holiday festivities were suppose to be a fun-filled relaxed atmosphere, as the Head Coach of the Cabrini Connections' organization, I know and understand that I am always on the job and that no matter what occasion I have to keep remain focused on the overall mission of the program. So while the players on the team enjoy a 3 week break from the program, the Head Coach and the Assistant Coaches will be evaluating the 1st quarter and brainstorming ways in which to have further team success in the 2nd quarter and beyond!

Happy Holidays from the Cabrini Connections' Team

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