Friday, December 12, 2008

A True Cabrini Connections' Super-Star

Ms. LaFaye Garth just received some of the best news of her life this week. LaFaye was just made aware this week that she won the prestigious Posse Foundation Scholarship!!! ( for more info). Over the past months or so LaFaye has been getting assistance through out the Posse Foundation Scholarship process from several staff member and her mentor. A couple of the helpful hints that LaFaye received was in the areas of essay writing, the use of personal reflection, and although she rarely needs any help in this area (smile)...communication. Ms. Garth has taking all of the information, tools, techniques, and helpful information along with all of the personal skills, talents, and resources she already has and combined everything and as a result she is the earned her way to a Posse Foundation Scholarship!!!
This is one of the many examples how if the students in Cabrini Connections' take advantage of any and all of the resources that are provided within the program, then they can and will put themselves in a position to have success! But in order to get the resources we need to share with the students, we need Cabrini Connections' supporters to buy into what we are trying to do and understand how valuable these resources are to the entire Cabrini Connections' program. With all of the violence that has taken a toll on the City of Chicago and those effects on the youth in particular, isn't it good to hear a POSITIVE story like this during the Holiday Season!!!
Congratulations goes out to LaFaye Garth on this great accomplishment and we encourage you to keep up the GREAT WORK! And I want to thank everybody who made this story possible...from the family members to the teachers, to the volunteers and students, to the donors and Cabrini Connections' supporters....THANK YOU...without all of you working together for a common goal...stories like this rarely created!
Happy Holiday!
Student in the Spotlight article(Fall of 2008)

This week’s Student in the Spotlight is none other than LaFaye Garth, a senior at Sullivan High and one of our most hardworking students. Since she started here with her tutor four years ago she has known she wants to be a doctor. As a freshman she was selected for and enrolled in the Medical and Health Career Academy, a special program at her high school that helps dedicated students prepare for the long and difficult road to becoming a practicing physician. She is currently taking coursework that will make her a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) by January 2009. Throughout high school she has worked and volunteered at a number of Chicago hospitals such as Northwestern Memorial, Mercy and Prentice Women’s hospitals.

While running between her full load of classes, which includes AP Calculus, AP English and a college biology course at Northwestern University, working at Jewel and preparing for her promising future, LaFaye is always singing, sharing her beautiful voice with everyone around her. Since she is committed to leaving Chicago for college- her top two choices for schools are the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and Pomona College- she has also been applying for numerous scholarships that will give her the financial support she needs during her college years. In fact, she will find out soon whether she will receive the prestigious Posse Foundation Scholarship, which would provide full-tuition for either of her top 2 schools. Once at school, she wants to study either biology or psychology, both of which she thinks will help her in her quest to become the best possible doctor. Speaking about the role Cabrini Connections has played in her life, she says: “Cabrini Connections has provided me a motivating, positive environment that helps keep me focused on the future”. We are so proud of LaFaye’s accomplishments and are excited to be involved in the life of such a motivated and talented young woman!

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