Thursday, April 01, 2010

Career Week: Day 4 (The Conclusion)

While many students either slept in or spent the day having fun with friends in the nice weather, two Cabrini Connections' students (brothers) Israel Dosie and Marquise Cook took advantage of a great opportunity. These two students signed up for the final day of the Cabrini Connections' Career Week in which we have used this week which is the Chicago Public School' Spring Break as an opportunity to show our students various jobs, businesses, and even colleges/universities in which our adult mentors call work and school. To see where all we have been this week you can see Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 by clicking on the links.

Today was the 4th and final day of our Career Week, and we could not have asked for a better day to go on the campuses of two great institutions. We started our day off by getting a private tour and informational session at Loyola University from Iesha "E" Wilson who is an intern at Cabrini Connections and a current graduate student at Loyola. "E" gave the group an in depth information tour ranging from academics and athletics to financial aid and the overall life of a Loyola University student. Both Israel and Marquise had a wide range of questions and "E" did an amazing job of answering any and all questions that the students AND staff had. One of the main attractions that caught the group's eye was the athletic facility in which the basketball teams play their home games. We had an opportunity to walk on the court and view all of the banners hanging on the wall.

Israel and Marquise are both 7th graders and Israel is interested in pursuing a career in Architecture and Marquise a career in Robotic Engineering, and this was a great opportunity for them to just get a feel of college life and a better understanding of the habits and things in which they need to be working on now so that they can put themselves in a position to reach their future career goals. We then completed the great Loyola tour, thanked "E" for taking out the time to show us around, and headed to McDonald's for lunch before we began Part 2 of our career day.

(Welcome our NUPIP Fellow, Bradley Troast, to summarize the Northwestern side of Day 4...)

After lunch we boarded the "L" to Northwestern's Evanston campus. Israel and Marquise attended our NU college visit in the fall, but the official campus tour only covers south campus. Therefore, this time around, we focused on north campus. Wednesday night volunteer and current NU senior Michael Abers and Thursday night volunteer and current NU graduate student Sonali Murthy (left) led the tour.

We began with a visit to Leverone Auditorium within the Kellogg School of Management where we sat in on a real lecture in progress. The professor - in front of at least 100 students - was using a camera to project his notes in real-time onto the big screen. Israel and Marquise, both members of Tech Club, were definitely intrigued.

Next, we passed through Annenberg Hall, home of the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP). Our administrative coordinator, EL Da' Sheon Nix (main author of this blog), graduated from SESP and was actually able to introduce the students to his former advisor. Cool!

Further north, we entered the Pancoe Life Sciences building to visit Michael's lab. He is a biochemistry major and though he couldn't show us any mice in person, he did describe some wild experiments. Our favorite was the mice that "smell light." Their sense of light is switched with their sense of smell. They are blinded, but when the lights come on, they begin to sniff. Wild!

From the lab we went to Northwestern Technological Institute, the second largest building in the United States under five stories (the Pentagon is first). Michael and Sonali stopped in the auditorium to talk about their collegiate experiences and to answer questions from Israel and Marquise. They emphasized responsibility. Professors won't call you if you miss class like we do when you miss a tutoring session. You have to do your readings, go to class, talk to the professor, etc., to do well. If you don't do those things, you'll be left out to dry.

To close out our trip, we visited the Sports Pavilion and Aquatics Center. Undergraduate students have free access to this huge gym on the lake, which Israel and Marquise were very happy to see. They even got in on some basketball! - challenging two NU students to a game of two-on-two. Israel's team pulled out a 9-7 victory, but everyone was all smiles afterward. Just another way of making connections!

Thank you to E, Michael, and Sonali for showing us your schools. You are helping our students create a vision for their future!
Overall, we had an amazing 2010 Career Week and we would like to thank each and every student, volunteer, intern, staff, donor, and all those who came together to make these opportunities possible. And although we have a career week, with the help of more and more volunteers and donors we can provide these opportunities and many more all throughout the year so that all Cabrini Connections' students can say "MY DREAMS ARE MY REALITY"

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