Monday, April 19, 2010

The 1st Cabrini Madness Award's Presentation was a Success!

The 2010 Cabrini Madness FUNdraising officially came to an end last week with the first Awards Presentation! During the tutoring/mentoring sessions last Wednesday and Thursday, we presented a variety of awards to a few of the many people who really contributed to the overall success of the project. No, this was not the ESPYs but we had a GREAT time!!!

We are started off the presentation by acknowledging the students and volunteers who had Perfect Attendance during our 2nd Quarter of tutoring/mentoring (Jan-March). We presented each person with a certificate to show our appreciation for their commitment, dedication, and loyalty to the program, especially during the winter months.

We then presented Sean Sullivan with an award for winning the Cabrini Madness Bracket Challenge. Very similar to when people all over the world complete the March Madness bracket for either money or bragging rights, Sean was one of the few people in the program who entered the contest this year. Sean scored 37 out of a total of 40 points which earned him the title this year, and he received half of the total amount of money collected and a t-shirt from the Big Ten Network that was donated by Big Ten Network personality Tim Doyle.

The next part of the presentation was the individual and team awards that were earned as a result of all of the hard work, dedication, commitment, and program advocacy not just for Cabrini Madness, but really for the importance to the existence to the entire organization.

Category #1: Rookie of the Year

Criteria: First Year student or volunteer of the program who excelled in the Cabrini Madness tournament

Nominees: Sandra Lee, Matt Barnes/Torquil Carlisle, and Tim Minton/Jessica Newberg

Award Recipient: Tim Minton/Jessica Newberg for leading their team to 2nd place in the tourney with their very first day in the program being the day the tourney was launched

Category #2: Most Improved Team

Criteria: Teams that either got off to a slow start and/or just continued to progressively get better throughout the tourney

Nominees: TEMS, Changemakers, Give Hope

Award Recipient: TEMS team members brainstormed to very successful events (Game Night Fundraisers) that propelled their team from the bottom of the rankings to being one of the tourney elites

Category #3: 6th Man/Woman of the Year

Criteria: Person who was not either officially in the program or was not an active member in the program, but excelled in their role to contribute to Cabrini Madness

Nominees: Mike Ozmeral, Clair Armbruster, and Katie Culliard

Award Recipient: Katie Culliard, a member of the Green Team and is the girlfriend of a veteran volunteer. She successfully reached out to her network and was able to bring a significant amount of funds to her team, and the overall CC, T/MC organization

Category #4: Captain of the Year

Criteria: Provided great leadership to their individual team in Cabrini Madness

Nominees: Toni Pullen, Ayana Martin, and Jessica Newberg

Award Recipient: Ayana Martin, of Give Hope was one of the few student captains and she led her team to the Final Four spearheaded some very successful fundraising ideas for her team.

Category #5: Most Valuable Event

Criteria: The fundraising event that created the most team work, advocacy, and overall support and success

Nominees: The Lebrons, Give Hope, The Awesomes

Award Recipient: The Awesomes, held an event at the Green Heart Shop in February that not only brought in nearly $700, but the students of the event put together their own promo commercial.

Category #6: Most Valuable Player

Criteria: Person who excelled above the rest in their ability to successfully advocate for the program and obtain great results.

Nominees: Tim Minton, Charles Hill/Sean Mayfield, and Carolyn Grunst

Award Recipient: Carolyn Grunst, of the Guaranteed Victory team brought in nearly $3,000 on her own and was able to obtain a $2,500 from an individual donor that propelled the team to a tourney VICTORY!!!

And we ended the night by providing the members of the Championship with their plaques!!! The members of Guaranteed Victory brought in over $6000 in less than 2 months and are crowned as the CHAMPIONS of the 2010 Cabrini Madness FUNdraising Tournament!!!

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