Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Coach and Player of the Week

From high school football all the way to the NFL, there are players and coaches who are recognized as being the 'best' for that game, that week, and for the overall season. These players and coaches are typically recognized for their play on the field during the big games and sometimes for their work off the field as well.

In the Cabrini Connections' organization we recognize our players and coaches on a weekly basis very similar to the NFL. This recognition of players and coaches is called our "Student Spotlight" and our "Volunteer Spotlight." The Assistant Coach Bradley Troast and I, observe the game tape from the week, the tape of the practice sessions, and from comments from other players and coaches, we select our weekly standouts.

Coach Troast then contacts the players and coaches to set up an interview to get more information about the weekly stars. The interviews are either done over the phone or in person, and the players and coaches provide a brief bio, agree to take a picture, and provide some helpful tips to other players and coaches on how to be successful in their positions as well.

This week we are proud to annouce our Player of the Week: Nyshanell Freeman

and our Coach of the Week: Sarah Randag

The entire Cabrini Connections' organization would like to say congratulations to our Coach and Player of the Week for their hard work, determination, their leadership, and their play on and off the field!

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