Thursday, September 03, 2009

Illini vs NU Challenge

For many this time of the year is like Christmas. The kids are heading back to school, the NFL regular season is about to kick off, and the college football season is about to kick off as well. Whether you are fan of an underdog such as the UNLV Rebels, a front runner fan of a team like the Florida love this time of the year!

I am a former Northwestern University football player whose career was cut short with a knee injury. But life didn't stop there. I continued to hit the books, because I was a student before I was an athlete, and graduated in 2004 with a BS in Education and Social Policy(major was Human Development and Psychological Services). Now I am the Administrative Coordinator of the Cabrini Connections' tutoring/mentoring program working towards putting youth in a position to be future alumni of the college or university of their choice.

While I am an NU alum and the Administrative Coordinator, former U of I star QB, Kurt Kittner is a board member of the organization. We both are not only huge football fans and supporters of our Alma maters, we both believe in the power of the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection organization. We believe in the program so much and both are extremely competitive from our playing days, that we have come up with a FUNdraising competition.

The Illini vs NU Challenge is a fundraising competition where I am looking for Wildcat fanatics to submit donations to this site leading up to the BIG game between the Wildcats and the Fighting Illini on Nov. 14th, and Kurt Kittner is doing the same with his Fighting Illini faithfuls. This is not just a friendly competition between two former football players, but an opportunity for football fans and fans of tutoring/mentoring to make a HUGE difference in the lives of the youth who participate in our program.

So whether you bleed purple for the Wildcats, you are and orange and blue fanatic for the Fighting Illini, you think this is a unique and fun idea, or you truly believe in what we are trying to do with the Cabrini Connections' program...please do 3 things:

1. Take a look at these sites
(NU) vs. (Illini)
2. Support one and/or both sides

3. Share with those in your network so they can do the same

I set a goal of $10,000 for the NU side leading up to the game and Kurt has done the same. Hopefully NU will not only get a win on the field and in this FUNdraising competition, but I do hope that Kurt and I reach our goals and maybe even go well beyond the $20, 000 total.
We thank you for any and all support!!

go fighting illini(smile)

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