Monday, June 01, 2009

Savon Clark: Working For Cabrini Connections

Well, some of you have seen me do “work” around Cabrini Connections, like putting the little trash cans into the big dumpster cans or something like that, and are probably wondering why I am doing it. Well lets go back to November when the Youth Leadership Council was assembled. I was voted on to the council along with 5 other people, and out of the six of us I was the only one who could represent Cabrini connections at the Region 2 meetings every month. So every since the elections in November, I have been to a Clean and Green event and to the Health Fair with region 2, (which were great events). Region 2 has also given the representatives an opportunity to earn a stipend, but the one condition was that we had to work 5 hours every week at our agencies (or for me that would be Cabrini Connections). That is only a part of the reason why I am “working” around Cabrini Connections.

The main reason why I am doing this work is because it is a good feeling when you have the chance to make an impact, not only in your program, but in the region that your program participates in... it's amazing!!!

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