Thursday, June 11, 2009

Charles Hill: Student Reflection

First year student, Charles Hill reflected on year at Cabrini Connections through the our Student and Volunteer History and Tracking System (SVHATS) and I wanted to share this Cabrini Connections' supporters!The Year end dinner was great, I was not expecting to get ""Most Motivated"" award and since this was my first time there,I would love to experience this again next year. I plan on doing more things around Cabrini and to help Cabrini Connections, i'm planning on working more on guitar, maybe next year i'll even play a song. Nice work for Savon Clark a close friend of mine for winning the Jimmy Biggs award. Also Ana Tate who seems great at singing, I think she would be a great help for a singer when I start a band. Also EL Da' Sheon, Chris Warren, Jen King, my tutor Szu Han, you are the ones who have influenced me the most in winning the award for most motivated, without your help in the program I wouldn't be as motivated as I am now. I'd probably be lazy.So I want to say thanks for everything.Anyways, I've had a great experience this first year at Cabrini Connections and I plan on going there for a very long time. Until next we meet, I shall be taking my leave. Good Luck Cabrini Connections staff, mentees, and mentors.

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