Tuesday, June 02, 2009

NFL Player and Current NU Alum Supports Cabrini Connections!

The Cabrini Connections' program is always looking to share the Cabrini Connections' story in hopes that others will take an interest in what we are doing here and then ask the question "How can I get involved?"

Less than an hour ago I posted a new status encouraging people to attend and/or support the 2009 Year End Dinner. Within minutes of posting that comment former Northwestern University and NFL football player...and my first roommate at Northwestern, Austin King replied to the comment that I posted:

"Shank, hey I think I will come to your dinner this week... I would like to see you and the organization. I will be gone here and there for the next couple of months, but I would love to start doing what Zak does starting in August or September. Holla at your boy."

I want to thank Austin King for being willing to support the Cabrini Connections' program...and maybe more importantly, the youth that benefit from the program! Hopefully others will follow Austin's example.

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