Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Staying Connected During the Summer

If a guest visited Cabrini Connections during the summer looking for a room full of mentors and mentees meeting and working together, the guest would not probably think our program was closed for the summer. But that assumption would be incorrect.
Cabrini Connections is one of the many unique tutor/mentor programs in which the staff encourages the mentors and mentees to meet outside of the actual program site. We feel that meeting out in the city at various locations gives the mentors and mentees the opportunity to strengthen their bonds and expose the mentees and possibly the mentors to new and exciting sites!!!
Even though these interactions take place off site, the staff remains connected to the mentors and mentees and their summer interactions through the use of the SVHATS system (Student & Volunteer History and Tracking System). After the mentors and mentees enjoy one of these summer outing together they are required to log into the SVHATS system and provide a brief description of what took place during the outing. By completing the SVHATS, Cabrini Connections staff not only has a history of interactions between mentors and mentees, but we have an opportunity to stay connected to the pairs during the summer months!
EL Da' Sheon Nix
Administrative Coordinator

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