Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Year End Dinner Celebrates Tutoring/Mentoring for 16th Year

On June 12th Cabrini Connections celebrated the completion of its 16th year, with a dinner and awards ceremony. More than 150 parents, students, volunteers, leaders and odnors participated. Four graduating seniors were recognized and awards were given to recognize outstanding effort.

When I spoke to the group I said "thank you" for all of the work you've done, then I said "help me" keep Cabrini Connections growing for another year. I also talked about the need for tutor/mentor programs like Cabrini Connections in all parts of the Chicago region and asked for your help to make that happen.

We have two interns from Korea with us and they created a flash presentation that shows photos of the dinner.

In addition, Mike Takan created a map that shows where Cabrini Connections is in the city and wrote an article on his blog showing his own understanding of the work Cabrini Connections is doing.

On Mike's blog you can see maps of the entire city, illustrating how tutor/mentor programs need to be in places beyond Cabrini Green.

I encourage you to read these blogs and share them with friends, in your own efforts to mobilize more leadership to support the work we and others are doing to expand the "community" of people helping kids living in high poverty areas.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's dinner a success.

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