Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Edgewood College "Experience" (Day 3)

Our third and final day with the Edgewood crew began with some arts and crafts to get the kids fully into gear. They finished painting the flowerpots they began yesterday, filled them with soil and planted seeds which they will each soon watch sprout into flowers, which they will either keep for themselves or give as a gift to a friend or loved one. A breakfast, complete with the 3 C's: croissants, cheese and... candles!? gave the kids a bit of nourishment to finish the morning's activities. After breakfast, the kids heard from 2 college admissions counselors at Edgewood, who spoke about the importance of college and how to begin deciding which type of college might be the best fit. This was followed by a closing ceremony wherein each student shared something kind and encouraging about another student. There were smiles all around as the kids and students shared stories and observations from the past few days. The ceremony culminated with the placing of paper hands on a poster (with career goals on the back) reflecting the solidarity between the kids at Cabrini Connections and the students and volunteers at Edgewood College after which, the children happily ran out into the summer breeze through a gauntlet of positive energy and high hopes.

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EL Da' Sheon Nix said...

The Edgewood College experience is just one of the many ways in which we attempt to not only get our students involved and engaged in the Cabrini Connections program and thinking about their futures, but this is another example of ways in which the Cabrini Connections' program collaborates with outside entities in an effort to bring more attention to tutor/mentor programs that function in a way to better the lives of youth. In this event alone the students learned and/or enhanced various skills that can and will be used in their everyday lives now and for the future. The student worked on expressing themselves in a positive way, the students learned how to navigate through the city, and the students learned the value of establishing positive relationships, among other lessons that were learned throughout the event.
As for as the collaborations go, Cabrini Connection and Edgewood not only continued their collaboration, but each individual student from Cabrini Connections and each individual Edgewood visitor created and will hopefully continue their collaborations with each other after the event.
A special Thanks goes to all of the Edgewood visitors, the Cabrini Connections' students who participated, the volunteers and staff who assisted with this experience, and to the various businesses that assisted with ensuring that this experience was a success!