Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Edgewood College "Experience" (Day 2)

Day 2 started out very similar to Day 1 with the entire group completing morning ice breakers make sure everyone was awake for the day. All students, volunteers, and guests performed the "Casper Slide" dance. Even some Cabrini Connections' staff took a break from their work to join in on the fun. After the mini-work out everyone took a break for breakfast.
The group then participated again in small group activities in the center before heading out on their journey in the city. After the activities the filled up their water bottles and headed to Navy Pier to enjoy a ride on the Farris Wheel. After a fun-filled trip to Navy Pier it was back to business as the group headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art to not only enjoy the displays and the sites, but to learn the history around the exhibits that were observed.

The group completed their off-site journey by breaking down in small groups and completing a scavenger hunt around various Chicago neighborhoods before stopping for lunch at places such as McDonald's and Panda Express.

The group completed their fun-filled day by returning to the center and taking part in life skill activities such as painting and decorating flower pots and taking part in various trivia quizzes for prizes.

After talking with several students, staff, volunteers, and Edgewood guests it is understood that the group had a great time on Day 2 and are really looking forward to enjoying the 3rd and final day of the Edgewood College 'Experience.'

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