Monday, August 30, 2010

Cabrini Connections' Coaching Clinic

In the NFL there are annual coaching clinics that new and veteran coaches attend to not only learn any and all new rules for the upcoming season, but they use this as an opportunity to learn and share skills and techniques that they can take back to their respective organizations. No matter what time of the year these clinics take place the information that is shared between the coaches and all that attend is beneficial for all, but especially for new and/or younger coaches. The experience and the wealth of knowledge that the coaches posses could play a huge role in that individual coaches success as well as the overall team in that upcoming season.

Last week here at Cabrini Connections we hosted our own version of Coaching Clinics in the form of Leadership Meetings. As the Head Coach of the organization and with Bradley Troast being the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator, we called meetings with some of our key position coaches to discuss the previous season here and to brainstorm ideas for the upcoming season. On Monday of last week we met with our Volunteer Coordinators who are all new to the role, but 3 out of the 4 have been in the organization in various roles for years. Bradley and I are confident that these 4 new Volunteer Coordinators will have an immediate impact on the organization this year and will assist with leading us to a great season. They all had very good ideas of how we can engage the students, volunteers, and parents and a variety of other ideas that should add to the overall success of the program. The 2010-2011 Volunteer Coordinators are Tonya Myers, Amy Stockli (Wednesday), Courtland Madock, and Melissa Iwami!!!

On Tuesday we met with our Club Coordinators. These coaches lead the variety of clubs that we provide the players of the Cabrini Connections' program. The clubs that we are offering this year are Video and Filmmaking Club, Art Club, Tech Club, and Writing Club. The practice sessions for this part of the organization take place on Monday-Wednesday evenings so that our players can take part in these opportunities as well as the regularly scheduled tutoring/mentoring practices on Wednesday and Thursday evening. The Club Coordinators' meeting also went very well with a lot of sharing of great ideas about future projects, collaborative efforts between the clubs, and just an overall excitement from these coaches that can and will lead to excitement amongst the players that join these opportunities this year. The 2010-2011 Club Coordinators are: Shu Ling Yong and Drew Hall (Video and Filmmaker's Club), Ankit Vader and Julia Vaughan (Art Club), Mike Trakan (Staff) and Chirag Patel (Tech Club), and Shannyn Nellet is planning on returning as the Writing Club Coach along with one or two new volunteers joining her in that role.

We completed our last day of the Coaching Clinic by meeting with our College Zone Coordinators. The College Zone area is a resource within the program where our players and coaches receive individualized game plans for the players' future high school, college, and career choices. College Zone coaches meet with player and coach pairs throughout the year to provide these resources along with assisting with standardized test prep, college visits, assistance with financial aid etc... During out meeting we came up with some great new plays for the playbook for the 2010-2011 school year that should continue put our players, coaches, and even parents in a position to have continued success this season. The College Zone Coaches for the 2010-2011 season are Carla Reyes and Sue Gill (Wednesday) and Iesha Wilson and new coach Lindsay Devick (Thursday).

The coaching clinics were a great success and we feel that as leaders in the program we are prepared to have a great season and lead both the players and coaches to a successful season. We will continue to communicate as leaders, brainstorm new plays for the playbook, lead by example, and work as a team to ensure we are putting the Cabrini Connections' program in the best possible position to make it to the Tutoring/Mentoring Superbowl! We are looking to take the lead in what takes place on and off the field, but getting more support from our fans and boosters of the program will equip us with even more resources and tools that can and will contribute to our overall success. We are not asking our fans to paint their face and chest, tailgate all day, or scream until you lose your voice...we are simply asking you to support us by making a donation, making an effort to come visit one of our games (tutoring session), and get some of those in your network to join the Cabrini Connections' bandwagon so they too can consider making a donation or joining you at the game.

With YOUR Support...WE Will Be Successful!

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Great article El. As our volunteers and supporters read what you have written, I hope they begin to see the Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conferences and our web forums, as places where our coaches and players can learn from other teams in the Chicago tutor/mentor league, or in New York, Detroit, LA and other cities.

As we connect the coaches and players from many cities, my hope is we can attract the same type of people who are owners of NFL and NBA teams, or major boosters at NU, Ohio State, Stanford, etc., to be investors in tutor/mentor teams and leagues.