Friday, August 20, 2010


In the National Football League there are tons of big plays that take place throughout the season that are considered big plays, classic moments, and sportscenter's Top 10 Plays of the week worthy. There are plays on offense such as one of the many deep bombs that Peyton Manning throws to one of his many weapons, to plays on defense such as a interception from Ed Reed that is ran back for a touchdown, to one of the biggest plays of the 2009-2010 NFL season where the Saints of New Orleans dialed up a on-side kick in the Super Bowl that lead to a HUGE Super Bowl win! These are a few of the many amazing plays made by players that not only leave fans in the stands and at home in aww, but lead to players, coaches, and entire organizations making their mark in NFL history.

Non profit organizations all over the world also look to make amazing plays that lead to a BIG SCORE, but the BIG SCORE in non profit organizations may look a little different than in the National Football League. Because of the financial situation of the Cabrini Connections' organization, I'm sure many others, the BIG SCORE is not always enrolling dedicated and committed volunteers and students to the team, the big score is not always having alumni (student or volunteer) come back to the facility and share some words of wisdom to the current players and coaches, and the big score is not always putting together a great team building opportunity so the coaches and players in the organization can strengthen their bond. Because of the financial situation that Cabrini Connections, and similar program, are in the BIG SCORE is primarily receiving news that a grant has been approved, a potential donor is interested in investing and confirmed to support the franchise, and/or current players and coaches have brainstormed a great fundraising idea.

The Cabrini Connections' franchise has a goal that all of the players (students) that join the team and remain committed to the team (and the mission) will be in a career by the age of 25. And with that being the mission many would think that BIG SCORES would be the students graduating from high school, entering and graduating from college, and reaching that goal of entering a career by the age of 25. And it's true, that is and always will be the goal and what each member of the organization should be working towards in the many roles in the organization, but due to the lack of resources the image of the BIG SCORE may look more like Bank of America becoming a team sponsor, $100,000+ generating at the annual golf outing, or future Hall of Famer Orlando Pace becoming our #1 Booster Club member.

Hopefully we are able in the near future to obtain the necessary resources in the Cabrini Connections' franchise so that we are equipped to keep the team intact, the facilities open and in great conditions, and a continued pipeline of great players and coaches so the BIG SCORES will be noted as coaches coaching their players to great playing careers(tutoring/mentoring) and they will be entering the Hall of Fame by the age of 25.

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