Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School and What Does it Mean....

Back to School

That phrase something different for many different people. For students it could mean the summer is over, having to get up early for school, more test/quizzes/homework etc... For parents it could mean the kids are out of the house, school shopping, preparing to attend PTA meetings etc…

For the Cabrini Connections’ staff and program it has very similar meetings. With this time of the year we are trying to get more students and volunteers in the program, working to prepare for the new and returning students and volunteers, but also trying to acquire any and all of the resources we need to have a successful year. And with that being said, we are going to need a TEAM EFFORT in that area.

And this is how you can help…First, think of the Cabrini Connections' students as if they were one of your own…and say to yourself “What are the resources MY son/daughter will need to be successful during this school year?” Secondly, think of what it will take for a program like ours to obtain those resources. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is trying to locate people, businesses, or organization that can and will provide the funds needed for to obtain those necessary resources for you, your student, and the program to be successful for the 2009-2010 school year and beyond!

We truly understand that we are facing a tough economic time, but many of the student in our program and their families have been facing tough economic times throughout their life and by being involved in programs like ours we give our students an even greater chance of overcoming those obstacles. But we can't do this alone. Honestly, we need YOUR help and those in YOUR network to donate your time, word of mouth advocacy, and we definitely need financial support.

So take a second to think of what the phrase "Back to School..." means to you, and then think of what that phrase means to the Cabrini Connections' youth, and then decide how you can make a difference.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

This will be the 35th consecutive year that I've helped volunteers and inner city kids connect in a tutor/mentor program. For some it's a continuation of a journey that started one or more years ago. For others, you're meeting a student, or volunteer, for the first time.

I hope all of you keep your minds open and look for opportunities to engage, with each other, with staff, and with me.

There are many reward and riches on this journey, but some are harder to see than others, and they call only come with perseverance and hard work.

Good luck to you all as you begin this new school year!

Dan Bassill
Cabrini Connections
Tutor/Mentor Connection